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Spring is the season to get up of the couch and go outside and stretch your limbs. You may be surprised to know that the city ofHarrisonburgoffers a lot of outside, recreational activities for everyone, including teens, to enjoy. It’s important to let your body stay active, both physically and emotionally, and going outside and exercising are great ways to re-energize and stimulate your mind and body.

Harrisonburgoffers various parks where you can go for walks, hike, skateboard, etc. These recreational parks listed below are the most well-known aroundHarrisonburg. Go check them out!


-          Located 305 S Dogwood Dr., this 48 acre park is home to the Westover Swimming Pool Complex, the Cecil F. Gilkerson Community Center, the Westover Skate Park, and an 18-hole Disc Golf Course. The park also has four picnic shelters and a playground area!


-          Located off of Route 42 South on Hillandale Avenue, this 74 acre park has 12 picnic shelters, playground equipment, a 1.3 mile walking trail.  The trail also includes 11 pieces of exercise equipment that targets strength, cardiovascular health, and flexibility. The park also includes a regulation sand volleyball court, two asphalt basketball courts, three restroom facilities, two horseshoe pitching areas, and a reproduction log cabin.

Edith J. Carrier Arboretum

-          Located on James Madison University’s campus, the arboretum is a serene area populated by various flowers and plant types, featuring a hiking trail and a pond. It’s the perfect place to relax and decompress after a stressful day. Plus it’s a perfect place for a nice picnic outside!


-          A 31 acre park located on East Washington Street. The park has two picnic shelters, restroom facilities, two tennis courts, a basketball court, playground equipment, and horseshoe pits.  A recently added, natural surface walking trail runs through the park as well.


-          Home to a 1.5 mile walking trial, several baseball fields, four tennis courts, a lot for soccer, and a playground castle, PurcellParkhas it all. You can find PurcellParkoff of Monument Ave between South Main and Port Republic Rd. Enjoy a bit of exercise or relax by the pond, either way you’ll be sure to enjoy the outdoors here!


Surprise yourself, grab your friends, and check out these awesome parks. I promise, they are all well worth it and you will feel great having motivated yourself and friends to get out and exercise!

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