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“I wouldn’t trust anyone who doesn’t like music,” stated a teen upon finding out that someone didn’t listen to music. That’s a pretty powerful statement. “Music is my life,” she followed up. Another powerful statement. My brother created a note on Facebook asking for help in broadening his musical horizon. He invited all of his Facebook friends, and people whom he hasn’t talked to in years (or ever) responded enthusiastically. Probably close to 50 people responded naming genres, artists, bands, and songs.
What is it about music that is so compelling? And why does it spark such controversy? Some people are morally opposed to certain types of music, while others are musically opposed. Occasionally someone will say that they hate a genre of music when they’ve never tried to appreciate it. Here are some tips to broaden your exposure to different types of music:
• Give new types of music a chance. Don’t decide you hate a genre after hearing one song. Maybe it’s just not a good song.
• Check out websites like Pandora or Spotify that play music based on a song or artist you like.
• Don’t just listen to the music. Listen to or look up the lyrics.
• Swap iPods for a few days with a friend, and then talk about each other’s music.
• Carry around a piece of paper or a notebook so you can write down the name or some lyrics of a catchy song you heard during your day.

What kinds of music do you like, and more importantly, why?

Check this out for more: Top 10 Ways to Discover New Music

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2 Responses to For the Love of Music

  1. A* says:

    I listen mainly punkrock :) And I really love this artile =)

  2. Samantha Cisneros says:

    I mainly listen to this band called “Huun Huur Tu”. i posted a link to one of their vids. plz watch.

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